Yo TensorFlow

Some LSTM like questions have sparked my neural network curiosity again. Time to dust off that GPU.

Quite a disappointment: my 1.5 years old laptop (tank style HP Zbook) cannot support tensorflow with CUDA 8.0, the CUDA compute capability is 3.0 and it requires 3.5.

HP-Z800 to the rescue! This machine was quite loud, but I managed to install some water cooling, making it sound less like a server. Compiling tensorflow sucked the live out of this dual cpu machine.  O.k., it is only twice six cores, but still: 1042s.

Instructions can be found at: https://alliseesolutions.wordpress.com/2016/09/08/install-gpu-tensorflow-from-sources-w-ubuntu-16-04-and-cuda-8-0-rc/


Heavy compilation

A restart fixed some scary kernel messages, and presto we have flow:

Cuda works


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