Shouldn’t have, but glad I did

So sometimes you know that you shouldn’t do stuff. Like buy a big PC. I mean, that is totally not online and not virtual. So why did I do it? Well, I usually work on a 13″ power book. Good for a lot of stuff, but not if you want to run VM’s. Apple brought out a new Mac Pro, which is kind of cool. But then I somewhat miss Linux, or more precise the Debian package system. Installing binaries on a Mac is not always that smooth. Ports, brew, a mano: sometimes there are chains of dependencies that do require a lot of work. So what to do?

I  say: bring the beast. And for those that do not know, that is: bring the HP Z800.

Ofcourse it looks and sounds like Darth Vader. But then tool-less. This work horse is the minion of many quant or video editor. With a bit of haggling this is what I got for the price of a big iPad.


Yes, you are right: that is no spaghetti there (I will post on that later). Would I not rather have the iPad? Nah, I have real needs that need satisfying. To cut a long story short. I can now run a 4 VM Hadoop cluster with no sweat. To be honest: it is a bit disappointing. If you have a Lamborghini, you want to hear the engine roar. Starting up a cluster of 4 nodes: not a glitch. Nothing, just some spaghetti if you ask for it. Plenty of room for Eclipse, Netbeans, databases, Chrome, whatever.

I am going to say it: 24 cores will always be enough. Well for development that is.

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