The cola and ham thing

This cooking post is a bit obscure. There is a recipe for cooking a ham in cola and then grilling it in the oven. I think it is from Nigella Lawson. ┬áNow who would to such a thing to a nice ham? Meat is sort of ‘sacred’, an animal died for it. And then you mix it with cola, the essence of, well, industrial? Yesterday I think how this came about.

In the UK glazed ham is made by cooking down apple vinegar, adding honey, worcester sauce and some thyme butter. About half a cup of apple vinegar is cooked down to a spoon full of darker sour substrate. Adding the honey gives the western variety of sweet and sour. Well there you have it. Cola is known for being very sweet, and very sour (polishes copper money very well).

Unfortunately I ended up roasting the ham without adding a cup of water, which made the marinade burn a bit. Still, all in all it was a nice dinner. Served with baked potatoes and mushrooms in a garlic and wine sauce.

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