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Coding with attitude

There are not a lot of idols in IT. (I’m not referring to people coding in front of a panel of judges by the way.) This can make it hard to climb the scales. Which way to go? Who should one emulate? Or is newer always better?

There is a lot of talk about ‘good code’, ‘quality’ and craftsmanship. These words are general and fussy and result in a lot of mutual back padding.  They should add up to ‘coding motherf*cker’ (I’m slightly paraphrasing Zed A. Shaw here) but could end up in some more discussion-less systeem were one is ‘digging it’ or ‘part of it’ or not. Which amounts to some form of, to put it polite, political movement.

Anyway Peter Norvig is the exception. This ofcourse is an opinion, and not even a subtle one. Peter Norvig ao. heads research at Google. To keep it short: the guy knows stuff.  To avoid opinions without facts (since I put myself in this corner now), and mindless idolization, here are three ways to actually verify this fact and learn quite a lot in the same time:

  • Check out Peter Norvigs ‘Design of Computer Programs’ at Udacity
  • Try out his 21 line speling correcter at
  • Read some of Artificial Intelligence: A modern approach

Part of the Great American Coding Book.