Monthly Archives: June 2014

Elephant in the room

No, no, not that elephant. Or, well maybe.

Some big data opportunities are obvious. A lot are internet related. The elephant in the room that is not seen (o.k. normally it is only not mentioned) is enterprise configuration. Standard ERP and relational database technologies often make interpretations of data in different contexts. This makes changing enterprise systems very hard. If the process model changes, these interpretations stop making sense.  Read my lips:

Data interpretation makes concrete out of software. Anonymous (well not now)

Enterprises are gearing up to only store events, and continuously generate views that match the current processes. Think Lambda, think CQRS. Once interpretation and its naughty cousin locking have left the building, computers become the amazing data processing machines we imagined them to be. Therefore:

Only continuous data re-interpretation allows for flexible enterprise configuration. Anonymous (well not now)